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Benefits of Merging PDF Files

Most people struggle with handling several PDF files without the proper knowledge that merging PDF files is efficient and less complicated than they assume. You can use multiple tools to combine the files and manage your work to make your work look organized and professional. The steps of combining need not be complicated as you can browse or watch YouTube videos for guidance.

Below are some of the benefits of merging PDF files:

Eases Organization of Files

eases sending many documentsSending a single PDF can be time-consuming, primarily if you handle multiple files like an estate agent transferring documents to a home’s potential buyer. It will be easier if you combine the information in one file.
It would also save you the strain of forgetting to send some files to the potential buyer and end up looking unprofessional.

Can Combine Multiple Files

The advantage of PDF is that you can combine as many files as possible. With the use of an efficient and fast tool like Bear. Bear PDF makes it easy and arranges your files in an organized manner to look impressively professional.

Saves Space on Your Device

save space on your machinePDF files can consume a lot of space due to images, graphics, and some 3D images if any. Saving up multiple files as a different entity can take up unnecessary space. However, combining files is efficient, especially if saved on the cloud. PDF merging tools ensure that you can save up space on your desktop and mobile devices or tablet.

Saves Time on Printing or Scanning

Sending a combined file to the printer is not as hectic as compared to sending single files. Some tools make it possible to transfer files with ease. This is regardless of whether you share files from the phone, tablet, or laptop to the printer.


PDF is a safe and secure platform; it has an automated system to delete itself automatically after you upload it. This ensures that your files and data is safe and cannot be accessed online by anyone else. It is also flexible as you can convert your files into another format if need be. You can also split it or repair and compress whenever the need arises.

In this modern age, you need not stress over storage, whether large or small. PDF is a convenient system to save and store sensitive information.…

Router Wi-Fi

Tips for Buying a Wi-Fi Router

Having a reliable Wi-Fi router is something we want. Getting the most out of your router relies on various factors. As long as you follow the correct guidelines before and after purchasing a router, you are sure to get the best device and results. Having the right information like how to use will assist you in getting the best results from your router. The details in this piece will help you understand how to identify a suitable router for your needs.

Having a Wi-Fi router in your house offers numerous benefits. As the world faces a pandemic since the start of the year, having Wi-Fi in your home is one of the best ways to keep everyone in the house. With fast unlimited internet connections, people are motivated to stay indoors as health experts look for a solution. So, what should you consider to get the best Wi-Fi router?

Devices and Connections

Rarely do people still look for routers with wired network options? Nonetheless, if you seek a wired network, consider the port options on the router and its capacity. When getting a wireless network router, you have to keep in mind the number of users you will have in your home on average.

Wi-Fi Range Capacity

Everyone has a different house arrangement and design. This aspect prompts you to find a router that will serve you home efficiently. For people with large homes and want to cover every room, you will need to consider getting Wi-Fi boosters or router extensions. Make sure you buy a router that has the capacity that fits your home or office needs.

Additionally, it is advisable to place your router at a favored position in the house and away from any interference. Items such as microwaves can cause you to experience issues with your connectivity.


Safety to value is another factor that you need to consider if you want to have peace of mind when using your router. You have the option to choose between WP2 and WP3 security encryptions for your router protection. Failing to consider this aspect will lead to you getting poor results from the router you choose.

Build Quality of the Router

Apart from the technical factors, you should consider the build quality if you want to get a worthy device. Having these tips in mind when shopping for a Wi-Fi router guarantees that you will get something decent.…

GOM crash

How to Fix GOM Player Crashes Due to DLL Errors

Gretech online movie player (GOM) is undoubtedly one of the most revered players. It is an intuitive media player that works extremely well on the Windows platform. Developed in South Korea, it has a lot to offer. Some of its exciting abilities include playing files with missing codecs as well as broken media. However, even with such a refined player, you are likely to encounter wldcore.dll errors. And the GOM player may crash once in a while. Knowing how to fix these errors is invaluable. Read on to find out how to do it. 

How to fix GOM Player Crashes

You can use any of the following approaches to fix your GOM player crashes:

Re-Install GOM Player

When your GOM player crashes, an alert such as “GOM player has stopped working” may pop on your screen. The best way to address this problem is by re-installing the GOM player. What happens is that this replaces the corrupted file files in the program. It is prudent to use the newest version. As you do so, follow the guidelines we have provided below;

  • Right-click on the menu button then choose RUN.
  • Key in ‘appwiz.cpl’ in the displayed Run box and proceed to open the installer.
  • Select GOM player and uninstall it.
  • Click yes to YES to confirm the course of action.
  • After uninstalling, restart windows.
  • Open your browser and go to your GOM player download page.
  • Download the latest GOM player version and install it.

This will resolve your problem. And the player functions will be as good as new.

Close the Background Software

If a conflicting software is running, your GOM player will crash frequently. In these circumstances, closing background software that might be causing the problem is the best solution. How can you do that?

  • Open the task manager
  • Select the programs listed on the task manager
  • Click “End Task” to stop them

Once all the conflicting programs are closed. Your GOM player should run smoothly.

Fix the wldcore.ddl Missing Error

Sometimes the GOM player is not the problem. A missing wldcore.ddl error may also cause a lot of problems. Fortunately, this is something that you can resolve. You can do this by using a windows system restore point.

  • Head to your control panel, then search for a matching application.
  • Go to the view options and change it to large icons.
  • Click on “Recovery”
  • Open “System Restore”
  • Enter the password if prompted and follow the instruction of the restoration process.
  • After completing, restart your computer and see if the error has been fixed.

It is normal to face a few challenges with your GOM player. But in most cases, the solutions we illustrated above should work. Good luck!

Buying Guide for Jobsite Radios

If you work at sites, it’s normal to desire some form of escape like entertainment. The main reason you may have this mentality is that such working environments and conditions get tedious and boring. Some people choose to carry their phones along as audio devices. However, this move may not be wise, depending on the nature of one’s job. For such settings, you require a durable, loud, and audible gadget.

A jobsite radio is your best choice if you want an appealing entertainment experience without worry. . Like other electronic appliances, there are numerous options to choose from, making the process a bit complex. To make things more natural, here is a guide to help you narrow down your options.


jobsite radios
It is always important to have the right budget before purchasing anything. Determining your budget is the initial step, and this will assist in selecting available products. If you wish to get the best machine, make sure that you have a flexible budget of up to $200. If you have a limited budget, consider getting a device with the features that you need.

Product Reviews

Take advantage of the internet and check the products with the most reviews and highest ratings. If you are shopping online, you have the option of comparing several jobsite radios. This feature makes it easier to analyze the specifications of each product before making a decision. Remember, you are looking for a durable radio that can withstand harsh working environments.


Multiple jobsite radios feature several connectivity options. However, some of these devices lack Bluetooth connectivity. Some radios come with AM/FM radio capability or AUX port. Confirm the specs of the machine you desire and make sure it features your desired options as well.

Power Source

music player
Manufactures of these devices give customers the option to pick between using batteries or C power source. If you want a portable jobsite radio, you should get one that is powered by batteries. Also, you still have models that offer both power source options, but they cost more than others.


Since you want something that you will be carrying back, forth and around your working site, the device shouldn’t be heavy. For frequent use outside, pick a lightweight radio.

Apart from the guide given above, you still have to consider factors like audio quality, user interface, audio quality, and battery life.…


Mobile Apps Transforming Desktop Software

The launch of the iPhone App store back in the day hardly created any spectacle. Few could understand just how revolutionary this technology was. It took only four years for everyone to see how much its technology has firmly rooted itself into the software industry. The app craze has now spread far beyond regular cell phones.

The app store seems to be taking over regular desktop PCs. Back in January 2011, Apple launched the Mac App Store. Today the Mac App store has experienced over hundreds of millions of downloads. Microsoft too joined the fray with the launch of the Windows store. This happened lust after Windows 8 was launched and acts as its centralized location for tablet and desktop apps.

To figure out the impact of app stores on emerging desktop software, you need not go far. A simple conversation with research analytic firms and software makers will reveal a ton. A good number of developers are ecstatic of the ease in distribution and streamlined billing system provided by app stores. Despite the new advancements, the app stores have special challenges unique to desktops, and others affecting smartphones.

mobile phoneApps – Mobile vs. Desktop

From an overview, both Desktop and Mobile Apps work in the same principle. They both carry a small footprint, run on single-use programs, and their developers can easily write off desktop apps. Going by opinions from developers across the board, fully-featured software has a long way to go and will remain present in desktop app stores.

Other industry experts believe that limitations in smartphone apps are directly attributed to technical limitations arising from weak processing power and low storage. The more capable devices, running on powerful microprocessors and memory, shall power even better apps.

The users perspective is key when developing anything. That is why developers aim to deliver a seamless experience, as much as they possibly can. For instance, accessing three or four apps on your smartphone to get something done can be frustrating.

The term freemium is slowly gaining popularity among iOS and Mac developers when they sell their goods on the Mac App Store. That term refers to a free app that requires you to part with money to unlock more features. Only 4 percent of the highest grossing Mac apps fall into this category, as compared to 50 percent on the mobile app store.

People who are skeptical of the app stores consider the desktop software store as a joke. This difference arises from cellphones and full-size PCs. On the iPhone, the games are dominant according to data released by market research. In the Mac App store, utilities stand out as the most popular.

Love for Software

OfficeDrop, a cloud storage company, reveals how user engagement is seven times more from its apps than through the web browser. Since releasing its first apps back in 2011, the user base has exponentially exploded. It is only through such data that we can see and predict new trends. As of now, one thing stands out – people love installing the software.…


Buying Guide for Franking Machines

Purchasing a franking machine will help you in making a strong economic sense for any business processing 10-15 mail pieces per day. It will be an added cost to the 38 percent stamping costs. An efficient model will be offering a more efficient way of sending emails. It will be achieved through ensuring every letter bears correct postage removing any instance of making excess stamps and thus make the staffroom more productive.

You do not have to waste your time popping in the doors and windows to ensure the employees are concentrating on their work. Sending of franked mail will help in presenting a professional image to your customers. It helps in instilling of confidence in the delivery of services and products.

One of the things the franking machine supplier will wish to know is the level of functionality you will require from your machine. Additionally, they will be concerned in knowing the average mail pieces sent in a day and any other functions needed in enhancing service delivery.

Machines are typically rated using delivery, and evaluation will be from low, medium to high volume. For requirements going up to 20ppm, a small-medium model will be enough. The medium size is capable of processing between 20-75ppm and assessing of high volume delivery is over 90ppm.

What You Should Know When Purchasing a Franking Machine

Before choosing a person from the sales team using a franking machine, always remember you will be under pressure and on commission to meet your basic needs. Ensuring you are having a list of essential questions for asking before getting too bogged down in jargon and sales patter.

The following list may seem obvious, but it surprises many people how businesses end up being locked in a wrong contract.

These following are the important questions which can to guide you in ensuring you are working with the right deal.

  • Has your Supplier Royal Mail been approved? In case your answer is not yet, you will end up being excluded from enjoying the franking system benefits.
  • What’s the replacement ink cartridge cost and how many impressions is it providing. These are cheap to replace and can be considered as the overall system running cost.
  • Is it necessary paying for your postage top ups? In case the supply is done free, how many will you end up getting?
  • Most franking machine models are re-credited using phone line or tax. You may wonder
    what the service charge is. Some companies are using 090 numbers, which could be leaving you paying up to 1.50 each minute.
music player

Key Specifications to Consider When Buying a CD Player

Buying a CB player is not just about looking at the brand name. As much as some brands are associated with quality, it is imperative to look at the specs. CD player specs can be overwhelming. Seasoned audiophiles understand most details on the specification table such as abbreviations, symbols, numbers, and terms. To save you from the dash of confusion that often comes about when trying to decipher CD player terminologies, here are key specifications that will prove to be invaluable when buying a CD player.

Total Harmonic Distortion

white headphones

The total harmonic distortion is an essential factor to consider when buying a CD player. This specification is often described using the symbol “THD+N” in specification manuals. Ideally, the total harmonic distortion is a measure of the amount of distortion added to the audio. Since distortions interfere with the quality of sound, the lower the value of THD+N, the better.

Signal to Noise Ratio

Also abbreviated as SNR, this ration describes the quality of signal sound compared to the levels of background noises. All CD players have some noise, only that the magnitude varies among different models. It is worth noting that the best brands have minimal noise, thus a lower signal to noise ratio. When shopping for a CD player, therefore, CD players with low signal to noise ratios are highly preferable.

Stop-Band Rejection

Most CD players have a filter which removes sounds that are outside our normal hearing range. These filters are designed to make the sound clear and make hearing more enjoyable. Of course, no filter can be 100% efficient. The stop band rejection is a measure of the filtering efficiency. When it comes to CD players, a stop band rejection is measured in decibels (dB). A lower number is highly preferable. For instance,-100dB is better than -80dB.

Total Correlated Jitter

Jitters are playback gaps which are often caused by processing problems. These gaps are often too small to hear, but for anyone with a keen interest in musicality and detail, they do matter. When evaluating differed CD player brands based on their jitter numbers, again, a player with the lowest number is perceived to be cds

Many other features matter when buying CD players. Considering that digging into each detail in the specification list might, you should limit your options to the best cd portable players. But you also need to ensure you do your homework.…

electric skateboards

Amazing Benefits of Using Electric Skateboards

Over recent years, electric skateboards have been growing in popularity. These high tech, fun, and powerful innovations have today turned simple push skateboards into portable and highly capable vehicles. With skateboards, you can ride faster and even match the speed of traffic.  Besides, it is easy for beginners to master skateboarding since you do not have to maintain your balance or pushing while riding. Today you can get the best e-skateboards under 300 dollars and enjoy skateboarding. This article outlines some amazing benefits of using an electric skateboard.

Less Effort

There is no need to push constantly, so you are less likely to get worn after riding your skateboard. The travel distance for one charge of the battery varies from one model to another, but they have the potential of going as far as twenty-five miles. Electric skateboards are also easy to charge between every use. Since there is no need of using much effort, you will not feel worn out even after long trips.

Another great thing is that they are built with wide, rubberized wheels which gives a reliable grip. This means a comfortable and smooth ride.

Speed Control

With electric skateboards, it is possible to have control over the speed of your skateboard. For example, conventional models have the potential of going fast downhill, whereas its low speed on the sidewalk is as low as your leg power. Most of the models give the option of traveling at a steady speed. The speed remains consistent on flat roads and hills inclined at an angle of fifteen degrees. With the ability to move at a constant speed, it is easy to arrive at your planned destination on time. Since you have more control over your skateboard’s speed, you have the option of slowing down and using reliable speed braking systems.


Electric skateboards are highly versatile products and often gives you the option to switch between manual and electric unit. For example, the ability to perform tricks at a skate park may be easier with the manual push style. After the action at the park, you can reactivate the electric feature to make the trip home faster and with much easier.

Cost Saving

With an electric skateboard, you do not have to burn any fuel or pay fares to get to your destination. This way, you get to save much money that you can use elsewhere. You can use the skateboard to run your errands and attend to appointments several miles away, conveniently and at no cost. These skateboards are designed to go farther than conventional skateboards, especially considering you can only push for so long before getting exhausted completely.


Skateboarding is usually a fun activity. These skateboards make this activity more enjoyable. With these skateboards, you are free to hover in the air practically. You no longer have to use your feet to push the board into motion, so you get the opportunity of enjoying your ride for longer. It is also easier for you to enjoy your surroundings when riding on electric skateboards. If you can tailor make your own electric powered skateboard and enjoy skateboarding even more.

Overall, these skateboards are a fun and an excellent way of embracing the future of skateboarding. Also, there is a great opportunity for appreciating a journey and taking in the local surrounding with the more leisurely way of skateboarding.…

Why a Quick iPhone Screen Repair Is Vital

If you have already dropped your iPhone, you probably know this feeling of panic. The iPhone screen repair is one of the most requested services by users because the screen is often the first piece affected when the iPhone falls and hits concrete or other hard surfaces. If you have a broken or cracked iPhone screen, you will have difficulties handling your phone. In some cases, you may lose your photos, videos, music, passwords and much more. You even feel like you have lost a part of your life. Here is why you need a quick iphone screen repair.

Ease of Access

iphone and earbuds

Find a repair service online which gives you an easy time to make an appointment for an iPhone screen repair. To begin, enter your iPhone type and indicate that it is a screen repair. Then choose a suitable date and time. Finally, enter your details in order to finalize your appointment.

If it is not convenient for you to bring your iPhone in for a repair because you have no time, then you can take advantage of the pick-up and drop-off service. This is when your iPhone device can be collected at your home or office for a fixed amount and will be returned after the repair is done. This way you do not have to leave the house, or you can stay at work. The amount depends on the distance. Having your iPhone repair has never been easier.

Saves Time and Money

The iPhone screen repair is an excellent alternative to replacing the phone. Like many iPhone users, maybe you do not want to get a new iPhone when the old screen breaks or cracks. Taking your phone for an iPhone screen repair, is the right decision for your phone, your wallet and even for the planet. This saves you a lot of money, and you also save time because of the speed it takes for the iPhone repair services to be done. Besides, you are also spared from the backups of data often needed to replace an iPhone, and most importantly, it allows you to save on the amount of electronic waste.


phone screen repairIn addition to the inconvenience they cause you, every crack and break in the screen exposes the inside of the iPhone to further damage. You may even cut your fingers by sliding them on that broken glass. For that and given the high price of a replacement, the iPhone screen repair becomes indispensable.

However, that does not mean that you should consider doing it yourself, as this can cause more damage to your iPhone. It is wiser to entrust your iPhone to professional repair services. This is because there are plenty of repair services out there that offer exceptional quality and service at an affordable price. These companies consist of real experts.

Genuine Parts

The face of your iPhone consists of a glass screen above and a liquid crystal display (LCD) underneath, which is the key to high-resolution display and response to touch. One with inadequate parts may aggravate the problem, or it can break your phone beyond repair. That’s why replacement parts with the same quality as the original parts are used for the iPhone repair. You will not notice the difference between your old screen and the new one. You will have the impression of having a new device identical to those available in the shop.…

gaming chair

Tips for Choosing the Best Gaming Chair

Are you tired or tucked in a boring couch while you are playing your games? This is the right time to look for the best gaming chair. Choosing the right gaming chair can be a daunting task if you do not know some of the crucial steps to consider during your selection.

Gaming is extremely exciting, and due to this reason, you might not realize the many hours you spend on it. On the same note, you cannot ignore the neck and back pain, fatigue and headaches associated with using the wrong chair. You can avoid all of these health complications by using a good chair.

If most of your time is spent on PC or TV playing games, make sure that you make your leisure time more enjoyable by buying the right chair. But before you go to the market, you need to understand that you may be overwhelmed with countless options when it comes to the right time of shopping it. But with the following tips, you will find the best gaming chair.

Types of Gaming Chair

There are five primary forms of gaming chairs that are available in the market. When you are selecting them, make sure that you buy as per your preferences.

gamingIt is advisable to consider checking each type before you purchase one. Check whether they have all the features you need before making your final remarks.

Check the Material

After you have identified the best type of chair you need, the best crucial step is to check the material. Therefore, if you want your gaming chair to last longer, ensure that you check on the content. You need to understand that if it is cheap, then it will not last very long.

Space Saving

Are you concerned about space in your gaming room? If yes, then when you are buying your gaming chair, you need to choose the best one that can be folded up when it is not in use. Therefore, measure the dimensions of your gaming room to know the best chair that will fit there.


Comfort is another aspect you need to put into consideration when you are looking for the perfect gaming chair. Nobody wants to stand up and stretch their back while they are playing. Avoid uncomfortable chairs by sitting on them to ensure whether they offer you the comfort you need.…


What a Beginner Should Know About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is fast growing in popularity because of the ease with which it is used. It is a digital coin meaning that to use it, one needs a mobile wallet, and other online as well as offline tools. The coin has increased tremendously in value especially over the past two years. This is because of the increased demand. One of the reasons why it is so popular is because it has no boundaries or limitations. You can use it to pay for anything, anywhere. Therefore, where the conventional currency is not applicable, you do not have to fret because all that you have to do is to find bitcoin, and you are sorted. According to Bitcoin Mentorship Association, this is one of the best investment as well as transaction options for anyone that is forward thinking. It is projected to become even better in the coming years.

coinHere are a few facts that you should know about this cryptocurrency

It is decentralized

This is by far the biggest reason why many people like using bitcoin. It is not controlled by any country and is not owned by anyone. What happens is that one just buys the coins that are equivalent to the amount that they have, and they can then use them to do various things. The decentralization means that regardless of where you live in this world, you have access to the digital coins. In fact, nobody will care where you are coming from when you are using these coins as long as they can transact with you.

It has no set value

There is no set or definite value for bitcoin, and this is the reason it has been growing in value over the years. The reason this is so is that if there were a set value, there would be no room for growth, and that means that everything would either plateau or move downwards. This was a good decision for the makers of Bitcoin because looking at those who bought it several years ago, the profits that they are making is mind-boggling. It becomes even better when you know that it is still on the upward trend and so, people are going to gain from it.

It can be mined

Bitcoin miningDid you know that you can mine Bitcoin? Mining in this regard is a term that is used to refer to the process of solving mathematical problems using computer programs. These programs are then used to verify some transaction all over the world. Those who can mine Bitcoin are paid a certain number of coins. It is a great way of making money because when these coins increase in value, you become even richer. Imagine what would happen if you can mine the coins on a regular basis. If you are thinking about buying bitcoins, it is important to choose the right programs. You also should have the right tools so that you can get the highest possible profits from the coins.…