Choosing the led light bar


Choosing the led light bar

There are different types of the LED light bars of your vehicle. They come in various designs and models. One of the reasons is because not all are designed to fit in one part of the car but all the areas of the car. The primary role of the LED light bar is to illuminate the vehicle to give the driver excellent visibility, especially at night. Let us explore the ultimate guide that will guide you when buying the ideal LED light bar for your vehicle;

Ultimate guide


Before you purchase an ideal light bar of your vehicle, it is critical that you be conversant with the latest technology and models in the market. The primary role of the LED light bar is to help the driver see better especially when there is darkness, or it is foggy or rainy. Specific parameters must be considered when buying the LED light bar for your vehicle;

Beam pattern

The LED light bars for the vehicles come in various beam patterns. There are three types of the beam patterns namely the combo, the flood, and the spot just but to mention a few. The spot beam, for instance, provides a narrow beam that is great when performing a task at night. If you intend to drive at night for patrol or trailing, then the spot beam will be an excellent option for you.

Straight bar

Just like the name suggests, the straight bar refers to the LED light bar that is straight. It is the simplest in the design of all the LED light bars. They can be placed at the front or back of the vehicle. This type of LED bar is also easy to install and is commonly available. It is also cheaper when compared to the other types of LED light bars.

The flood beam

The flood beam just like the name suggests is associated with a significant pattern. It is ideal in areas whereby the driver wants to have a larger view of the road. This type of LED light bar is perfect for trucks operating at night and for campsites.

The Combo beam pattern


The combo beam pattern is better than the flood and the beam pattern. With the combo LED light bar, you have a combination of the flood and the beam pattern. This means that the driver can change to any of his choices at any given time. This type is, therefore, the most expensive.