Buying Guide for Franking Machines

Purchasing a franking machine will help you in making a strong economic sense for any business processing 10-15 mail pieces per day. It will be an added cost to the 38 percent stamping costs. An efficient model will be offering a more efficient way of sending emails. It will be achieved through ensuring every letter bears correct postage removing any instance of making excess stamps and thus make the staffroom more productive.

You do not have to waste your time popping in the doors and windows to ensure the employees are concentrating on their work. Sending of franked mail will help in presenting a professional image to your customers. It helps in instilling of confidence in the delivery of services and products.

One of the things the franking machine supplier will wish to know is the level of functionality you will require from your machine. Additionally, they will be concerned in knowing the average mail pieces sent in a day and any other functions needed in enhancing service delivery.

Machines are typically rated using delivery, and evaluation will be from low, medium to high volume. For requirements going up to 20ppm, a small-medium model will be enough. The medium size is capable of processing between 20-75ppm and assessing of high volume delivery is over 90ppm.

What You Should Know When Purchasing a Franking Machine

Before choosing a person from the sales team using a franking machine, always remember you will be under pressure and on commission to meet your basic needs. Ensuring you are having a list of essential questions for asking before getting too bogged down in jargon and sales patter.

The following list may seem obvious, but it surprises many people how businesses end up being locked in a wrong contract.

These following are the important questions which can to guide you in ensuring you are working with the right deal.

  • Has your Supplier Royal Mail been approved? In case your answer is not yet, you will end up being excluded from enjoying the franking system benefits.
  • What’s the replacement ink cartridge cost and how many impressions is it providing. These are cheap to replace and can be considered as the overall system running cost.
  • Is it necessary paying for your postage top ups? In case the supply is done free, how many will you end up getting?
  • Most franking machine models are re-credited using phone line or tax. You may wonder
    what the service charge is. Some companies are using 090 numbers, which could be leaving you paying up to 1.50 each minute.