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Mobile Apps Transforming Desktop Software

The launch of the iPhone App store back in the day hardly created any spectacle. Few could understand just how revolutionary this technology was. It took only four years for everyone to see how much its technology has firmly rooted itself into the software industry. The app craze has now spread far beyond regular cell phones. This is where apps for PC argument comes about.

The app store seems to be taking over regular desktop PCs. Back in January 2011, Apple launched the Mac App Store. Today the Mac App store has experienced over hundreds of millions of downloads. Microsoft too joined the fray with the launch of the Windows store. This happened lust after Windows 8 was launched and acts as its centralized location for tablet and desktop apps.

To figure out the impact of app stores on emerging desktop software, you need not go far. A simple conversation with research analytic firms and software makers will reveal a ton. A good number of developers are ecstatic of the ease in distribution and streamlined billing system provided by app stores. Despite the new advancements, the app stores have special challenges unique to desktops, and others affecting smartphones.


mobile phoneApps – Mobile vs. Desktop

From an overview, both Desktop and Mobile Apps work in the same principle. They both carry a small footprint, run on single-use programs, and their developers can easily write off desktop apps. Going by opinions from developers across the board, fully-featured software has a long way to go and will remain present in desktop app stores.

Other industry experts believe that limitations in smartphone apps are directly attributed to technical limitations arising from weak processing power and low storage. The more capable devices, running on powerful microprocessors and memory, shall power even better apps.

The users perspective is key when developing anything. That is why developers aim to deliver a seamless experience, as much as they possibly can. For instance, accessing three or four apps on your smartphone to get something done can be frustrating.

The term freemium is slowly gaining popularity among iOS and Mac developers when they sell their goods on the Mac App Store. That term refers to a free app that requires you to part with money to unlock more features. Only 4 percent of the highest grossing Mac apps fall into this category, as compared to 50 percent on the mobile app store.

People who are skeptical of the app stores consider the desktop software store as a joke. This difference arises from cellphones and full-size PCs. On the iPhone, the games are dominant according to data released by market research. In the Mac App store, utilities stand out as the most popular.


Love for Software

OfficeDrop, a cloud storage company, reveals how user engagement is seven times more from its apps than through the web browser. Since releasing its first apps back in 2011, the user base has exponentially exploded. It is only through such data that we can see and predict new trends. As of now, one thing stands out – people love installing the software.…


4 Tips To Pick The Right Printing Company

When establishing a business, you need regular traffic. Sometimes the location of the enterprise might hinder you from getting all the customers you need. In this case, you need to apply different reinforcement mechanism to win the market. Particular directions like banners can help customers find you in the right way.

Finding the right printing company might be a problem when you are a newbie in the area. You should consider the following aspects to avoid landing in the wrong hands.

The End Quality


Quality is crucial to your banner since it is the face of the business. The way you display the products on the banner determines if a client can come to ask for the product or not. 3D pictures might catch the eyes of random customers hence leading them to the shop. A quality banner will not fade when put under direct sunlight for a long time. Do not read the company’s mission and end there, ask for samples from previous works to confirm they can produce quality banners.

The Options Available

A shop with various options to choose from is the right one for you. Different banner styles can give you an idea of what to put in front of your shop. When you have various options, choosing the right one is simple since you have plenty of time to select the one that fits you. Original printing shops have all the options you need from pull up banner, pop up display and banner. You select depending on where you want to put it for a greater vision of the business. Protect your clients from going to other shops with the right banner.

The Price Difference

printing servicesWhen shopping around looking for quality, you should consider the price of every item you select. Make sure you can afford, and there is room for bargaining because some shops have fixed rates. Look for the price difference and assess the margin to avoid paying more for a simple banner. The price should be pocket-friendly and favorable for your budget. You do not want to overspend on a banner and lack customers in the end. Balance the equation to get the right banner for your business at a lower price. Some printing companies will give you a discount when you buy many flags. Watch out for the offers.

Customer Service is Crucial

Offering quality without friendly messages is dumb. Arrogant workers may chase away customers even if the products are of good quality. Customer service does not revolve only on the customer-retailer conversation; it goes all the way to the waiting time before service and packaging. You cannot sell a product and expect your client to carry it on the hands. Sometimes it is good to pack the product in a way that is not visible to the community. Rap it with an excellent paper or offer delivery services if the product is significant for hand-carrying.…